Messe De Nostre Dame

Guillaume de Machaut
Messe de Nostre Dame

This 14th-century mass of the Virgin Mary is the earliest complete setting of the Ordinary by a single composer that is known today. Our recording presents Machaut’s music in the context of a complete Gregorian mass.

Edited and Directed by Paul Walker

Virginia Arts Recordings: VA-06436
Released: 2006

The Zephyrus Medieval Quartet

Paul Walker, Celebrant (countertenor 1)
Colin Bird, Deacon (countertenor 2)
J. R. Ankney, Sub-Deacon (contratenor)
Jason Stell, Cantor (tenor)
Track Title
1. Introit: Salve sancta Parens
2. Kyrie
3. Gloria in excelsis
4. Oratio
5. First Reading: Ecclesiasticus 24:14-16
6. Gradual: Benedictus et venerabilis es
7. Alleluia: Post partum
8. Gospel: Luke 11:27-28
9. Credo
10. Introduction to Offertory
11. Offertory: Felix namque
12. Proper Preface: Et te in Festivitate beatae Mariae
13. Sanctus and Benedictus
14. Pater Noster
15. Agnus Dei
16. Communion: Beata viscera
17. Post-Communion Prayer
18. Ite missa est